A resort on the ocean with a private beach – yes, please! Rob & I traveled to the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Brewster, MA for his annual summer getaway with his company. The Ocean Edge features a Victorian-style Mansion (the main-hub of the resort), Carriage House, and an expansive property featuring multiple restaurants, spa, private beach, pools, a golf course, and much more! This place makes it easy to just stay put and simply unwind and that is exactly what we did! The Mansion itself dates back to 1912 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Prior to it being the luxury resort it is today, the Mansion was the home of The Nickerson Family. Samuel Nickerson was the co-founder of the First National Bank of Chicago.

Lodging – The Resort features a variety of room options depending on your needs. The Mansion itself has stunning rooms providing prime access to a lot of the activities and access to the private beach and beach bar. The Resort also has condo-style lodging (the Villages) about 2-miles from the main resort. There is a shuttle that runs continuously to move guests around the expansive property. The Villages has a casual beach vibe and features a full living room & kitchen. There is plenty of room for the whole family here! There is access to pools, the golf course, and restaurants as well. One thing to note is only guests of the Mansion can use certain amenities – like the private beach  – so ask in advance to confirm what is included with your stay!

Where to Eat: There are several different dining options. The primary dinner spot is The Ocean Terrace, where you can sit outside and take in the ocean air. I would also recommend grabbing a drink at The Beach Bar (located right on the beach).

What To Do: There are endless activities at the Resort – bikes, paddleboarding, kayaking, golf, swimming, beach, and tennis. If you love outdoor activities, this place is for you! The Resort is located on the Cape Cod Rail Trail (mentioned here) which makes it so convenient to see around town. There are also various on-site activities, like croquet and archery. Check the event list to see what is available at the time of your visit.

On our first morning, we woke up early and did the Oyster Tour at 7:30 am. This was free and we got to see the beach with barely any people on it (so different than later in the day!). It was also low-tide, so we were able to walk out for a mile in the water making it the ideal time to see the tidal flats. We learned so much about the process of oyster farming. After the tour, we explored the beach before grabbing breakfast. On our way out, I spotted a group doing morning yoga, another activity offered by the Resort.

In the afternoon, we took Elle to the beach. This beach gets packed! However, the Resort did a great job with setting up a space for us. We were set up with an umbrella, chairs, and towel (all complimentary). Not having to lug all the beach gear made it so much easier with the baby. We ordered lunch & drinks and everything was brought directly to our spot on the beach. Elle sat and played on the sand and in the water. This was her first time really experiencing the beach and I’m so happy to say she loves it!! Rob & I can’t get enough of the beach so it was a relief knowing that our girl loved the experience just as much as we did.